domenica 16 agosto 2009

Margutta 54 Luxury Suites

Perhaps the most luxurious and spacious suites located in the historic centre of Rome, Margutta 54 is just a few minutes away from the famous Spanish Steps.

After the film, Roman Holiday, Via Margutta became a popular residence for many famous people including the film director himself, Federico Fellini. Today it continues to attract many local and international artists.

This stylish and exclusive area features many art galleries and fashionable restaurants, and provides easy access to Rome's major sites.

Set in a private courtyard, the Margutta 54 studio suites are surrounded by art galleries, antique dealers and auction houses.They are superbly designed and furnished with all modern comforts.

At Margutta 54 you will also enjoy the exclusive services of a professional butler, who will assist you during your stay and deliver daily complimentary fresh croissants for breakfast.

Rooms: 4

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